User Groups

Regular Bookings
Tea and company, monthly, 1st Sunday afternoon
Bible Study Group (Community Church), fortnightly, Thursday evening
‘Butterflies’ cancer support group, fortnightly, Tuesday afternoons
Community Choir, weekly, Tuesday evening
Christian Meditation, weekly, Thursday evening
Quiet Day (Local Anglican) 4 a year, Saturday
Hardy Crafters monthly, 1st Wednesday evening
Holy Communion service, Celtic service, all welcome, monthly 3rd Wednesday 12.30pm
Jesus Prayer group monthly alternating 2nd Wednesday and Thursdays 10.30am
Local investment discussion group monthly, 2nd Wednesday evenings

Contact through the website for contact details for any of these organisations and activities

Occasional and one-off meetings
Quiet Days 
Coffee morning for charities
Charity Music Concert with readings
Women’s World Day of Prayer service
Tea for relatives of organ donors
‘Try This’ community partnership 3 sessions for trying different leisure pursuits
Family events (Golden Wedding, special birthday, funeral tea)