Principles for Use

Guidelines and Principles for Use of the Quiet Space

The Charitable Object as stated in the Trust Deed is:

“To advance the Christian faith for the benefit of the public by the provision of facilities for prayer and reflection in Dorchester and the surrounding area.”

  •  The Quiet Space welcomes anyone to come in for a time of personal quiet, prayer and reflection.
  •  The sponsoring churches are encouraged to use the space creatively for a wide range of activities, whilst not preventing the use by individuals who may wish to find space for their own time of reflection/prayer. Groups affiliated to, or approved by a sponsoring church are welcome to use the space.
  •  Its use for meetings of dialogue or engagement between people of other faiths and spirituality or none and Christians is to be welcomed as a means of promoting deeper understanding and respect between one another. We recognise that good relationships can co-exist alongside recognition of profound and irreconcilable differences of belief. However, in keeping with the Trust Deed, it is not available for use by other faith groups, quasi faith/spirituality groups or political groups alone.
  •  Community groups are welcome to use the space, provided their underlying principles do not undermine Christian values. Community well-being and relationship building are precious and all groups which exist to foster these are to be valued and affirmed.
  •  The Quiet Space could be an appropriate place for the marking of local, national and international events and disasters, with suitable material to assist reflection and prayer.
  •  The advice of the Trustees will be sought in instances of uncertainty.

Agreed 4 December 2014