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The Quiet Space is a place of peace and tranquility in the heart of Poundbury, Dorchester.

This quiet garden and building are open to everyone needing time out and some peace and quiet. Its primary use is for refreshment of the spirit in an unpressured atmosphere.

Here you will find a pleasant and enclosed garden in which to sit and a peaceful room indoors. There are books and pictures to assist your reflections and often our Companions are there if you wish to talk – though they are equally happy to simply smile a welcome and leave you to your thoughts, if that is your need.

The Quiet Space is also available to church and community groups for appropriate activities.
Contact  office@thequietspacedorchester.org for new booking enquiries or further queries to Val Potter, Chair of Trustees, 01305 264416

In the past year the Quiet Space has been used for a range of activities and gatherings by the sponsoring churches and wider community groups: Christian meditation, times of prayer and reflection, retreat days, choral singing, Songs of Praise, craft sessions, a yarn spinning group, research discussions, a dramatic re-enactment of the Trial of Jesus, a memorial gathering, and opportunities for the Companions to meet with each other.

The Trustees will continue to discuss how the Quiet Space may be used appropriately by an ever wider range of people in the community so that this unique facility can continue to be for the benefit and enjoyment of all in the area.

Currently the garden is open 10.00am-4.00pm every day with the building open 10.00-4.00 on weekdays



tel 01305 267420

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